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Preparation project proposal documentation

Januarja in februarja 2014 smo na Društvu informacijski center Legebitra skupaj s partnerji Društvom DIH – Enakopravni pod mavrico, Društvom ŠKUC, Inštitutom za mikrobiologijo in imunologijo MF UL in Univerzitetnim kliničnim centrom Ljubljana intenzivno delali na pripravi dokumentacije za prijavo projekta, v katerem smo se tekom priprave dokumentacije tudi bilateralno povezali in pričeli partnerstvo z norveško organizacijo Helseutvalget.

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Preparation project proposal documentation

Submission of a project application

Preparation for submission of completed project application

Documentation of project at the carrier of project Response to hiv

Speech of prof. dr. Miroslava Petrovca, head of IMI MF UL, at press conference

The initial press conference of project Response to hiv

Media response to the initial press conference

Meeting of Project Committee during the visit of partners from Norway

Expert consultation “Overcoming the stigma and prejudice at all levels of medical treatment MSM and people with hiv” and “Guidelines for a new strategy for prevention and control of hiv infection”

Lecture of Miha Lobnik at conference

Lecture of Olfa M. Angeled at conference

Ralf König: Super Paradise

Distribution of book Super Paradise at Gay Pride 2015

Distribution of book Super Paradise at Gay Pride 2015

Testing in communities in the region – Koper

Distribution of preventive publications and condoms on field in Strunjan

Enabling access to prevention pamphlets with condoms and lubricants at the point of gathering MSM

Charging point of gathering MSM with preventive leaflets with condoms and lubricants

Study visit of NGOs from the partnership in Norway

Reception at Gay Lesbian Health Norway (Helseutvalget)

Informing with work program of study visit

Visit to organisation LLH Norway (National Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People Norway)

Speech and presentation Bard Nylund, president LLH Norway

Visit of preventive activities on field around Oslo

Presentation of preventive activities on field in nature

Procedure of distributing condoms on field in nature

Fixed condoms distributor as bird boxes on field in nature

Filling condoms distributor

Visiting cruising place on field in city center

Visiting cruising place on field in sauna

Visiting sauna Hercules in Oslo

Method of distributing condoms on field in sauna

Presentation of procedure and way of testing on field at sauna

Visit of the Norwegian Directorate for Health

Presentation of financial model for organizations working in field of hiv prevention

Presentation of implementation of testing in community at Helseutvalget check-pointu

Procedure of rapid test at Helseutvalget check-point

Taking blood sample with rapid test at Helseutvalget check-point

Immediate result of rapid test at Helseutvalget check-point

Interim reporting and evaluation

Supplement to catalog Festival of Gay and Lesbian Film

Dr. Boštjan Mlakar: 70 shades of rainbow or without muzzle about sex

Book presentation 70 shades of rainbow or without muzzle about sex

Lovro Centrih about the information campaign and importance of communication

Presentation of good practice with Walter Heidkamp: hiv prevention and support to people living with hiv in Norway

Presentation of the study “Sexual Behavior hiv-negative MSM in Slovenia”

Presentation of the study “The needs of MSM in cruising places in Slovenia”

Mitja Ćosić, coordinator of support and advocacy for people living with hiv at DIC Legebitra: presentation of BUDDY program

Round table “Project Response to hiv is complete – where and how to move forward?”

Project Committee meeting

Lecture for medical students

Training for specialist of medicine

Gathering at the end of the project

Presentation of information campaign KAJiščeš.si

Materials at the presentation of information campaign

Final press conference of the project

Continuation of community-based and testing other activities of the project

Legebitra hosting international conference of the Euro HIV EDAT project